Question of Faith

Is Talking with Jesus a Violation of "Stranger Danger" with Kids?

May 24, 2022 Fr. Damian Ference and Mike Hayes Season 1 Episode 25
Question of Faith
Is Talking with Jesus a Violation of "Stranger Danger" with Kids?
Show Notes

Question comes from one of the participants in our Grandparent Workshop.

Guest: Brooke Uehlein joins us from the Communications Dept. once again.

0:25   Happy Anniversary, Brooke.

0:40:  Latest trends:  Lemons?

1:30:  Mike's not trendy, even his wife knows it.

1:55:  So what's up with this week's question?

2:30:  The Comforts of Friendship

3:25:  Share the big Catholic celebrations with your kids/grandkids.

4:00:  Qualifying question:  But what if I'm a grandparent and the parents don't introduce their kids to Jesus?

4:30:   Brooke's nephew and the Crucifix.

5:30:  A creative Christmas Card project that can be done all year from Brooke's friends.


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6:55:  Celebrating Saint Days

7:40:  Introducing things like Spy Wednesday and Holy Week to Children.

8:00:  Fr. Damian discusses the liturgical year.

8:30;  What are some theological questions around this topic?

10:00:  Goal: Intorudce people to Jesus

11:05:  Friendship is fun:  St. Patrick's Day

13:50:   Using the Ignatian Examen:  Colloquoy

14:30:   Seeing Mass like a date.

15:05:  Relational vs. Transactional foci.

15:30:  Use the pictures on the Missal.

16:10:   Magnifikid:  Get a subscription here.

17:40:   Holy Trinity Parish

18:00:  Catholics use all their senses in prayer.

18:50:  Role of Science in Faith

19:00:  Frozen Spinoff:  Olaf's Frozen Adventure

21:00:  Brooke's friend who stopped taking the Lord's name in vain.

22:35:  Church Search: Our Lady Of Grace, Hinkley, OH

24:00: Readings for Sunday can be found here.

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