Question of Faith

What the heck is an Auxiliary Bishop?

July 12, 2022 Fr. Damian Ference and Mike Hayes Season 1 Episode 33
Question of Faith
What the heck is an Auxiliary Bishop?
Show Notes

Bishop-Elect Michael Woost, the soon to be Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland joins us.

0:45: A definition of "auxiliary Bishop" is given by the Bishop-Elect.

2:00:  What was getting "the call" like for the Bishop-Elect?

4:30:  Bishop Elect teaches at the seminary and more on his reaction and early days of him knowing about his appointment.

6:20:  Two of Bishop-Elect's brothers are priests!  And another is in Deacon formation.  When could he tell his family?

8:00:  His family gifted him with a Crosier.  Here's how they got it made.

9:27;  What is the Bishop's new motto?

9:50:  On his Coat of Arms.

11:25:  Why do Bishops get some Bishop regalia and not some other regalia?

12:25:   August 4 is his ordination date and it will be live-streamed on the Diocesan website.

13:20:  We will also host the Hillibilly Thomists on the evening of August 4th and Bishop Woost will preside at Night Prayer to end the evening,.

14:25:  What is Bishop-elect Woost most looking forward to as Bishop?

15:10:  What about his liturgy background?

16;30:  Check out Bishop Woost's homily during the XLT at the kickoff of the Eucharistic Revival here.  "Who's looking at who?'

16:50:  Bishop Woost leads the Church Search this week with the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.

18:10:  Cathedral has been renovated and it's nearly done.

18:45:   Readings for this week:  Are you more of a Martha or Mary?