Question of Faith

Who Can Receive Anointing of the Sick?

July 19, 2022 Season 1 Episode 34
Question of Faith
Who Can Receive Anointing of the Sick?
Show Notes

Bishop Elect Woost joins FD and Mike again this week.

1:15:  So who CAN receive?

2:25: What is the Sacrament really about anyway?

3:00:  How does one request to receive the Anointing of the Sick?

3:50   Sometimes at Mass?

4:25:  Is this a "repeatable" sacrament?

5:00:  Have we receive the anointing of the sick?

5:25:  Fr. Damian's experience of learning how to anoint the sick

7:00:  Why can't Deacons anoint the sick?

7:35: Mike gives a push back!

9:00   What type of healing should we expect?

10:10:  FD's friend's experience at the Chrism Mass.

11:10:  The Bishop's Ministry in this regard.

12:10:  Mike's mom's experience of the Sacrament.

13:40:   Mental Illness?

14:45:   Age limit on the Sacrament of the Sick?

  15:05:   Church Search:
Bishop Woost's Brother's (Fr Tom Woost) Church is St. Brendan's Parish in North Olmstead, OH.
His other brother (Fr. Dave Woost) is Pastor at Divine Word in Kirtland, OH.

Holy Redeemer in South Collinwood we talk about this week.

16:50:   Readings for this coming week can be found here.

17:50  Here's a link to Bishop Woost's ordination  live stream on August 4.

The Hillbilly Thomists Concert is also August 4 with Bishop Woost leading Night tickets needed for the Hillibilly Thomist concert--just show up at St. Wendelin's Parish.