Question of Faith

Should We Still Have Empty Holy Water Fonts?

July 26, 2022 Season 1 Episode 35
Question of Faith
Should We Still Have Empty Holy Water Fonts?
Show Notes

Brooke Uhelein joins us for this week's cast.

1:00:   Mike's story of an old parish where they had a liturgical practice that was not good.

2:00:  Ash Wednesday...our story continues.

3:00:  Brooke disinfected everything!

3:30:  How to keep the fonts free from diseases that are water based.

4:16: Flowing water is safe for the fonts.

4:40:  Should we re-fill the fonts now that things are safer?

5:08: Aqua-nascent is a cool name of an indie band.

5:40:  Prudence is a virtue.

 7:20:  Maybe YOU can help clean the fonts in your parish.

7:45:  Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in Euclid, OH.

8:17: Book Recommendation for kids:   Dont Drink the Holy Water, by Fr. Joe Kempf

9:15:  Movie recommendation:  Song of Bernadette

9:50:  Brooke's three question ritual and her collection of Holy Water bottles.

10:30:  Can I have my own Holy Water bottle instead?

11:10:  Timothy O'Malley's books: Becoming  Eucharistic People and Real Presence: What Does it Mean and Why Does It Matter?

11:45:  Sacramentals are important!

13:14: USCCB Eucharistic Revival Resources:  What is the Significance and Proper Useage of Holy Water?

15:38: Fabulous Flub in Liturgy.

17:00  Fr. D's first assignment.

17:30:  Church Search: Ss. Robert and William in Euclid, OH.  Mike Cox is their super cool youth minister and amazing musician.

18:44:  Free Bluegrass concert THE HILLBILLY Thomists!  August 4, 2022 at 7PM at St. Wendelin Parish.

19:34:  Becoming Fire, at the CPL

19:50:  Readings for this week can be found here.