Question of Faith

Should We Take Shia LaBeouf's Conversion Seriously?

September 20, 2022 Season 1 Episode 41
Question of Faith
Should We Take Shia LaBeouf's Conversion Seriously?
Show Notes

0:00:  Calla Gill joins us for this week's cast.

1:00:  Bishop Robert Barron's interview with Shia LaBeouf.

3:30:  Calla's a convert!

4:00:  Fr Damian considers himself part Capachin!

5:25:  Have we seen this guy in a movie?

6:00  Padre Pio went after him.

6:35:   Fr. Jim McDermott's article on the interview in America Media.

7:30:   Bp. Barron's interview is more about his conversion.

8:45:  He was cancelled; but this movie was his way back to Hollywood

9:30:  Encountering the Capuchins in a non-transactional relationship.

10:20:  Maybe both things are true?

10:50:  Should we believe ANYONE'S conversion story?

11:30  A spiritual director is a good choice.

11:45:   Look for actions over words with conversion.

12:15:  A note on presupposition.

13:10  Would becoming Catholic give you more fans?

14:10:  Kristen Chenowith's experience.

14:45:  Does everything need to be discussed?

15:30:   Some folks won't do an interview if you want to talk about X or Y?

16:15:  Different arena's exist here.

16:40:   Britney Spears conversion experience.

17:10: Stephen Colbert and Harrson Butker what about them?

17:40:  He seems like he's in a better place now.

18:10   Shai on the Latin Mass and Mike's opposite experience.

19:00  Mass in other languages

20:40:  September 23 and Bruce Springsteen

21:00:   Catholic Charities Matching Gift Opportunity.   Text:  CCHOPE  41444
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22:00:   Church Search:   St. Mary of the Falls

24:25:  Readings for this Sunday can be found here.

25:30   Cleveland Art Museum has a great image of Lazarus and the Rich Man.  Check it out here.