Question of Faith

Should You Root for Your Hometown Team or for the Team Where You Currently Live?

October 11, 2022 Fr. Damian Ference and Mike Hayes Season 1 Episode 45
Question of Faith
Should You Root for Your Hometown Team or for the Team Where You Currently Live?
Show Notes

Mary Boneno, Executive Assistant for the Secretariat Parish Life (and a major Astros fan) joins us.

0:00:  Mary is from Houston!

0:50:  Mike's college roommate is from Houston!

1:15:  Mary and Mike and both transplants so who do they root for?

1:35:  Mike is not a Yankee fan.  He's a Mets guy.

2:00:  Mary's Houston Astros office decor.

2:20:  So who would Mary root for if Houston plays Cleveland in the next round?

3:00:  Mike faced this dilemma when he lived in Buffalo.

4:00:  Can you have an American League team?  Who does Mike root for?

4:25:  The Mets won the World Series in 1986 so....

4:40:  Cleveland has the lowest payroll.  Astros are cheaters.

5:25:  What if Fr. Damian moved to another city, who would he root for?

6:25:  It's like your family.

6:45:  Fr. D is going to NYC this week.  Will he get tickets for the Yankees-Guardians?

8:00:  How did the Astros get their name?

8:25:  What happened to the Houston Oilers?

8:55:  Why should you root for the home team anyway?

9:15:  Ever hear of the Mets player Steve Henderson? 

9:45:  Mike loves the underdog.  So welcome to Cleveland.

10:45:  Mary remembers the Astros Champisonship well!

11:10:  Mary's HS is across the street from Minute Maid Park

11:15:  Tx_Kristan from Instagram and on Twitter @TXproverbs3130

11:35:  Check out Minute Maid Park

11:45:  What do you like about Progressive Field?

12:05:  Fr. D talks a little trash and Mary snaps back.

12:35:  Did Mary go to games in DC?

13:00:  Fr. Steve Bell was the cantor at the DC stadium when Pope Benedict visited.

13:15:  Where are watching Game 1?

14:00:  Mike won his fantasy league this year.

14:15:  We should wager...

15:10:  Mary goes to St. Stephens in Cleveland in this week's Church Church.

16:00:  St. Stevens vs. St. Michael's: a 100 year rivalry.

17:00:   Scripture for this week is found here.

17:45:  The scripture is like The Guardians. Never give up.

18:45:  FIN