Question of Faith

AreTerritorial Parishes Still a Thing?

October 18, 2022 Fr. Damian Ference and Mike Hayes Season 1 Episode 47
Question of Faith
AreTerritorial Parishes Still a Thing?
Show Notes

0:00:  Francine Costantini, Director of Youth Ministry joins us.

0:44:  We got Guardians gear on for tonight's game. 

1:05:  Mike has a Wille Mays Hayes jersey on from the movie Major League.

1:36:  How did Mike choose his parish when he moved to Cleveland (Lakewood)?

2:08:  Mike did a search for his territorial parish....

2:49:  What is a territorial parish anyway? Francine explains.

3:24:   St Luke's did a lot for "non_Catholics" in their territory during the synod.

4:00:  What's all of our jobs in the territory?

4:17:   Fr. Damian quotes "Joy of the Gospel"

5:50:  Did you give your local church a chance?

7:00:   Author Renee Lareau talked to Mike about changing her territorial parish.

7:19:   Teens go home from conferences and camps and then try to start things in their parish.

8:02:  Young energy at Daily Mass.

8:19:  What happens when you have an older pastor?  You have a responsibility too!

9:03:  Synodal and Hierarchical.

9:21:   Criticism is important and a responsibility.

10:30:  Sometimes even a "dog homily" can inspire!

11:27:  What about a parish school?

12:20:  Weird situations happen sometimes.

12:40:  Evangelize your school parents.

13:30:  What if there's no youth ministry, young adult ministry, etc.?

14:10:  Some have great youth ministry...but another parish does young adults well.

14:40:  Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.

15:00: What does your parish do really well?

16:00:  Don't burn out your youth ministers!

15:48:  Theology on Tap is tonight

15:58:  Happy feast Day St Luke's in Lakewood.

16:30:  We're watching the Guardians at 4PM at Forest City Brew and Theology on Tap immediately follows.

17:03:  Deacon Dave Choniacki is tonight's speaker.

17:30:  St. Mary in Painsville is this week's Church Search.

18:42:  Readings for this week can be found here.

20:00:  Check out your territorial parish this week.