Question of Faith

What If I Don't Get Anything Out of Mass?

October 25, 2022 Season 1 Episode 47
Question of Faith
What If I Don't Get Anything Out of Mass?
Show Notes

Emily Ahlin, Diocesan Archivist joins us and is sick.

0:55:   Emily got sick camping and then led our diocesan young adult retreat.

1:25:  Common question. 

1:35 Emily responds:  And it's unexpected.

2:20:  What are some factors that distract us?

2:40:  It's not dis-similar to other walks of life.

3:05:  Mike asks a different question, but it's not about the collection.

3:50:  FD ask a question:  What are you expecting?

4:15:  Other denominations do this differently.

4:50:  Liturgy is work.

5:20:  Maybe it's not emotional or instantaneous.

5:45:  Mother Teresa gives us a good example.

6:15:  Understanding what's going on is key.

6:35:  Mike: It's easier when I have a role.  How male!

7:10:  FD:  Everyone does have a role!

8:00:  Are you tired after Mass because of how you entered into Mass?

8:25:  Crticial response:  How do we respond when Liturgy isn't performed well.

9:00:  Patrick Lencioni has good books on this.

9:15:  FD talks about one of the things we're planning for the Eucharistic revival.

10:00:  Many don't know what's going on at Mass.

10:20:  Emily's young adult group in Pittburgh watched Bishop Barron's DVD series on The Mass.

11:15:  FD's experience with his friend from Campus Crusade for Christ.

12:20:  Scott Hahn on Eucharist and Passover.

13:40:  Emily cough count.

13:50   Fr. Kevin Irwin's 101 Questions and Answers on the Mass.

14:20:  Deacon Bill Ditewig's thoughts on the "General Instructions."

16:05:  Good to have someone who knows how to do Liturgy.

16:35:  FD's Exam on the Mass for Altar Servers.

16:55:   People have a desire to know more.

17:10:   On transcendentals!

18:05:   Emily like's truth.   FD is drawn to beauty.  Mike to goodness.

19:10:  Fruit of Mother Teresa's prayer.

19:20:  Cough tally.

19:55:  World Youth Day is coming.  Join us!

21:10:  Catholic Creatives

21:30:   Church Search goes to St. Ann's AKA Communion of Saints.

21:55:  7 coughs

23:55:   This week's gospel on Zacchaeus