Question of Faith

Does the Number of Times I Sin Matter When I Go to Confession?

November 01, 2022 Fr. Damian Ference and Mike Hayes Season 1 Episode 48
Question of Faith
Does the Number of Times I Sin Matter When I Go to Confession?
Show Notes

0:00:  Maria Wancata from the Marriage and Family Ministry Office joins us.

0:50:   So DO I have to count my sins?

1:17:  So how well do you examine your conscience?

1:50:   Canon 988:   Re: Count the grave sins to the best of your ability.

2:47:  Maybe you can give "an idea" of how often you do this?

3:24   If you're counting dilignetly then you're probably overly-scrupulous.

3:30:   But more serious sins--you'll probably know how often you do THOSE!

3:49:  Are you being honest and seeking mercy?

4:00:  Have you shown that you're really thinking about your sins?

4:30:  Try to go to a confessor you can be honest with.

5:00:   Behind the screen confession vs. face-to-face.

5:32:   Once a month confession for FD.

6:17:   Root Sins.

7:25:  Your biggest sin can also be your biggest strength and that can help you overcome your sinfulness.

8:30:   Name what's actually going on as opposed to generalities.

9:13:   Other sins that are symptomatic can help find the root sin.

9:34:  On scrupulosity vs. God's mercy.

10:00:   Go more frequently to be more self-aware and go deeper.

10:27:   Do the Ignatian Examen.

11:05:  Notice your feelings

11:18:  Workout analogy. (retreats and "rehab.")

14:10:  St. Ignatius' feelings

14:38:   Happy All Saints Day

15:02:   Church Search goes to St. John Bosco

Nov 19  Marriage enrichment event.  Check it out here:

18:06:   Burn your ordo!

18:44:   Gospel reading for this week.

20:00:  There are no sacraments in heaven!

20:50:  All Souls and a bunch of Saint Days

Nov 1:  All Saints Day
Nov 2:  All Souls Day
Nov 3:  Martin dePorres
Nov 4:  St Charles Borromeo