Question of Faith

When It Comes to Priestly Vocations, Is it ALL About the Numbers?

November 08, 2022 Mike Hayes, Fr. Damian Ference, Fr. Eric Garris Season 1 Episode 49
Question of Faith
When It Comes to Priestly Vocations, Is it ALL About the Numbers?
Show Notes

Fr. Eric Garris, Assistant Coordinator of Vocations for Diocesan Priesthood and Recruiter for Borromeo and St Mary's Seminary joins us.

0:40:  The longest title in the history of titles.

1:30:   Fr Garris talks about quanitity and quality...and our often focus on numbers.

2:40:  Fr. garris' question back when he is asked how many vocations do you have?

3:20:  By the time they meet the vocation director....

4:00  When Fr Damian worked in a parish, what was his role?

4:20:  The parish needs to mentor someone who would be a good priest.

4:40  It takes many...

5:00:  The priest in the parish knows him better and has a relationship with him already.

6:20:  When the possible candidate says "Ive been inspired by you, Father."

6:40  Basketball at the Seminary

7:40:  Inviting people up to the seminary is like is important.

8:20:   Vocation Awareness Week is about Awareness.

8:50:  Family Day at the Seminary

10:20: Often the parents are more resistant than the candidate.

11:10:  "College guys who love Jesus."

12:00:  Culture > Numbers

12:20:  We talk about this culture shift with RCIA (soon to be OCIA)

14:00:  If you don't have numbers, you don't have anything though.

16:00:  Covid set things back.

16:40:  We find guys who are ready and guys who are not called.

17:20:  The laity have a role to evaluate these seminarians too!

18:40:  Discernment central works on both ends of the specturm.

19:00  Discernment in seminary is like dating.

19:20: Vocation is formed within relationship.

20:20: Discernment is a process and you are becoming.

20:40:  Seminary is not about ordination, but proper discernment.

21:00  Conforming to the person of Christ.

22:00:  It's like not practicing and wanting to play in the NBA.

22:20:  It's not about the end game.

22:40: The seminary prepared me but the parish taught me how to be a priest.

23:20:  Church Search goes to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Wickliff, OH

24:40:  Recording on Election Day: We encourage you to vote today.

25:20: Fr. D   hit 300K miles on his Mazda.  (original clutch)

25:00:  Mazda: Give FD a new car.

26:20:  The "I voted" sticker.

27:00:  Rising Store is offering free coffee.

27:20:  Readings for this week can be found here.


28:00   This is when your life is being demanded of you.

28:40:   Email:  egarris@dioceseofcleveland 
Twitter and Insta:  @fathergarris

29:50:  Dancing lessons.

30:20:   Theology on Tap is next week.

30:40:  Office of Black Catholic Ministries - Rosary and Adoration event and their new Director, Sr Jane Nesmith