Question of Faith

Who is Sr. Jane?

November 15, 2022 Season 1 Episode 50
Question of Faith
Who is Sr. Jane?
Show Notes

Sr. Jane Nesmith joins us as the new Director of Black Catholic Ministries of the Cleveland Diocese.

It's our 50th Episode of Question of Faith.

0:40:  SrJane tried to get her new driver's licence today

1:10:   Sr Jane is a Sister of the Blessed Sacrament.  Founded by St. Katherine Drexel and is from Philly originally, but she's worked in Louisiana for some time.

2:00:   She's a Xavier, New Orleans graduate and is on the board and worked at Xavier Prep and worked in Jamaica at a high school for a year.

3:30:  The Blessed Sacrament sister are not new to the diocese.

4:30:  Cleveland weather is not like New Orleans.  So Sister will live downtown.

5:00:  Mike's a lousy driver.

5:45:  What are her hopes for this new ministry?

7:00  An amazing story about Sr. Jane's book on the rosary.

11:20:  Black Catholic History Rosary and Adoration continues tonight at Our Lady of Peace.   And was awesome last week at St. Aloysius and St. Agatha.

13:55:  They do a living nativity at St. Aloysius.

14:15:  Theology on tap is tonight at Forest City Brewery (11/15) with Fr. Kevin Clonowski

14:40:  It's our 50th Episode!   Please rate and review our podcast.

15:40:   Young Adult Mass is this Saturday at 4:30 (11/19) at the Cathedral.

16:10:   This week's gospel can be found here.

18:30:  We prayed before this podcast with Sr. Jane.