Question of Faith

What is We Give Catholic?

November 22, 2022 Mike Hayes & Fr. Damian Ference with Patrick Grace Season 1 Episode 51
Question of Faith
What is We Give Catholic?
Show Notes

Patrick Grace joins us from the Catholic Community Foundation.

Be sure to join us for We Give Catholic on Tuesday, November 29 on the livestream from 9a-3p.

0:30:  So what is We Give Catholic anyway?

0:43:  The first year we did this we had a huge snowstorm.

1:07:  A little history of non-profit fundraising efforts in Catholic communities on #GivingTuesday

2:19:  Fr. Damian and Mike will be your livestream hosts for the morning.

2:42: There will be a race with some special guests.

3:50:  It's a healthy compeititive thing.

4:18: You can choose SEVERAL different organizatons with the handy drop down menu.

5:34:  Younger people are really involved.

6:50: 24 hours of giving.

6:59:  There's a video contest too!

7:43:  Did ya see the billboards on the shoreway?

8:28:  We throw it live to a bunch of parishes to see what they are doing.

9:19:  St. Brendan's is doing something cool.

10:00;  The first prize will be given out overnight.  The Midnight Owl.

12:05:  Lots of schools have animals on campus now.

13:30: Pre-school enrollment is up.

14:07: Bishop Malesic and Bishop Woost will be bringing good news.

14:00:   Do we have a bell?

15:30:  Mike lost his muffler one year doing this.

17:45:   Church Search goes to St. Patrick's on Bridge and they'll host 9 Nights of Night Prayer starting November 30.

19:06:   Readings for the First Sunday of Advent can be found here.