Question of Faith

Have You Seen Our Billboards?

November 29, 2022 Fr. Damian Ference and Mike Hayes Season 1 Episode 52
Question of Faith
Have You Seen Our Billboards?
Show Notes

Mary Bonino and Calla Gill join us to talk about our Eucharistic Revival Bill boards.

0:32:  Nobody stole them!

1:00:  Fr. Damian talks about the initial idea of the Billboard Campaign.

2:25: Why 33 Billboards?

3:04:  So what was the process like creating these billboards.  Mary talks about finding Saint quotes on the Eucharist.

4:00:  A campagn of wonder!

4:10:   Calla talks about the design.

6:00:   Take pictures of the billboards with #EucharistCLE.

6:40:  Not while you're driving.

7:00:  This is the diocesan phase.  Phase 1 is voices of saints.  Video campaign of priests on what the Eucharist means to you.   Phase 2 will be your opportunity.

8:00:  Share your story about the Eucharist here.

9:34:  The Billboards are all over the 8 counties.  Thanks to Lamar.

10:00:  They'll have to be in different languages.

11:27:  St Ambrose's funny quote.

12:00  Try to see all 33.  Billboard Pilgrimages.

12:50:  Hashtag #eucharistCLE

13:00:  Church search goes to St. Charles Borromeo

14:50:  Readings for the 2nd Sunday of Advent can be found here.

16:09:  Come back to Mass!

17:00:  Mary and Calla's promo video