Question of Faith

What Happened at World Youth Day?

September 05, 2023 Season 1 Episode 89
Question of Faith
What Happened at World Youth Day?
Show Notes

Fr Eric Garris, Vocations Director comes back from World Youth Day in Lisbon.

0:00:  They let Fr Garris back into the country! 

2:10:   Fr Garris gives us some highlights from his WYD trip. 

3;10:  They also went to Lourdes.

4:20:  Here's the Lisbon and Fatima recap.

4:50: The Pope was only 2 blocks away.

6:30:  A bit on the Popemobile.

8:00:  The importance of the presence of the Holy Father.

9:40:  Concert artists vs. the Pope.

10:30:  Some had not flown before, or only had an experience of their parish church.

11:10:  On sleeping outside

12:10:  On getting the priest vestments.

12:40:  What languages did you hear?

13:10:  Todos, Todos, Todos!

14:00  Pilgrimage reflects life sometimes.

14:40:  We can be uncomfortable.

15:20:  Mike's experience in Philly.

16:30:  We do meet people from all over and can even meet someone you know and run into them at WYD.

18:30:  Even the Bishops get to you know you and be friendly.

19:20:   South Korea is next.

20:30:  St Jerome is the Church Search this week.

23:00:  Readings for this week can be found here.

25:10:   FD saw the Barbie movie.

25:50:  The 4th Ballpark Mass and All Star Game is on August 10.