Question of Faith

Who's the Catholic Identity Guy?

September 26, 2023 Mike Hayes and Fr. Damian Ference and Drew Courter Season 1 Episode 91
Question of Faith
Who's the Catholic Identity Guy?
Show Notes

1:10:  Drew Courter, Director of Catholic Identity, joins us and tells us about his new job.

2:00:  What's Drew's background?

3:00  A lot of firsts on the podcast today.  And why is this important to have an identity person now?

4:40:  Fr. Damian had a lot of nuns as teachers back in the day.

5:40:  Fr. D's mom was a Catholic school teacher as well.

6:30:  Laity also need a living wage in Catholic Schools.

6:45:  Some women's religious communities have changed focus.

7:40:  This came out of our Keeping the Faith Strategic Plan.

8:00:   What is "silver bullet" evangelization?  And more importantly, why is that NOT what we're doing?

8:50:  How do you measure hearts?

9:20:   Drew talks about teaching being an "assisting art" with a telos and creating a culture.

10:30:  What makes a school Catholic?

11:30:  Aristotle teaches us how people hear things and a bit on the gender policy.

13:10:  We need to meet people on common ground.

13:20:   What are the KPI of ministry efforts?

13:50:   How did Jesus call people into a life of grace?

14:40:  How do we soften each other's heart?

15:10:  More on efficiency

16:00:  We need both doctrine and relationship.

16:40:  The Gospel of Matthew focuses on the person of Jesus.

17:20:  Church Search goes to St. Basil in Brecksville.

19:00:  FD's experience at Burton at the Byzyantine Monastery.

19:30:   Taylor Swift might move to Cleveland???

20:40:  Trivia at Theology on Tap and Flannel Shirt beer.

21:30:  Readings for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time.