Question of Faith

Can My Kid Dress As a Priest for Halloween?

October 24, 2023 Mike Hayes and Fr. Damian Ference with Maria Wancata Season 1 Episode 95
Question of Faith
Can My Kid Dress As a Priest for Halloween?
Show Notes

(0:30) Maria Wancata takes up this question with us as we look at dressing up for Halloween?

(1:10)  FD's story about a young woman who Flannery O'Connor wrote an essay on.

(1:55):  FD never "played priest" but what did he dress for Halloween as?

(2:35)  Mike's parents had creative halloween ideas.

(3:20)  FD's politically incorrect costumes and Maria's costumes.

(3:55)  Costumes of the 70's and 80"s.

(4:35)  Mike's Halloween accident.

(5:05)  The grade school that's next to the seminary dresses up as Saints.

 (6:15):  A little history of Halloween.

(7:25)   The Dominicans would have this All Saint's Day celebration at Catholic U.

(8:00)   Mary Queen of Apostles had a similar party here.

(8:40)   Does FD have an problem with people dressing up as a Priest?

(9:20)  Does FD need to confess

(10:10)   Maria's kids will dress up as....

(10:35)  Mike's Sully/Miracle costume

(10:50)  Did you have to have your candy inspected?

(11:10)   Some folks gave Tracks from churches.

(11:25)  Do we like candy as adults?

(12:40)   Mike's older sister took him trick or treating.  What did his weird neighbors give out?

(13:20)   FD: Some gave out pennies!

(13:45)  Some put a bucket out.

(14:05)   Some kids are "hoarders"

(14:35)   Did you ever play a trick?

(15:25)   Trunk or treat events are going on.

(16:25)  FD desires healthy food.

(16:45)   Mischief on Halloween?

(17:20)   St Clement in Lakewood is the Church Search

(18:20)   Readings for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary time.

(20:40)   Are we going to dress up for Halloween?