Question of Faith

Why Do We Bless Objects?

November 21, 2023 Fr. Damian Ference, Mike Hayes and Fr. Eric Garris Season 1 Episode 99
Question of Faith
Why Do We Bless Objects?
Show Notes

Fr Eric Garris joins us.

0:00   We talk a bunch of Thanksgiving...

3:30:  Our the way...Why do we bless objects?

4:15:  We make distinctions...what happens when we bless something?

5:00:  Sacraments vs. Sacramentals

6:10:  The strangest thing FD ever blessed is....

7:10:  We're participating in God's work...

7:35:   Fr Eric and hotel rooms....

8:40: On Liturgical practicum class

9:40:  On the ritual itself

10:05:  A Penance that Fr. Eric gives....

10:35:  The strangest thing Fr. Eric has ever blessed is.....

11:00:   The Blessing for mothers who have suffered miscarriages.

11:50:   House blessings and dorm blessings....

12:00:   Do you need Holy Water?

12:50:  Fr Damian's progressive meal.

13:30:  What are we doing for Thanksgiving?

14:05:   On rowdy night...

14:45:  On footballs and Wal-Mart

16:00:  On Marion's family being giant

16:30:  FD's liturgical procession practice.

17:35:   On the return from the National Catholic Youth Conference....

18:10:   Church Search:  St Francis Xavier in Medina

19:00:  On Christy Cabaniss' recent presentations.

20:00:   On Mass "enactments"

20:45:  Congrats to Lake Catholic Volleyball

21:40:   The Young Adult Mass is at the Cathedral on Saturday 11/25 at 4:30PM.

22:15:  Readings for the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe

22:55:  On FD being cancelled...

23:10:  On Shepherds

24:05:   On Harambe

24:35:  On Mike's reflection on Christ the King

25:20:   On Thanksgiving cooks

25:55:   On Cooking distinctions