Question of Faith

Is It Barbie's World or Ken's World?

January 09, 2024 Mike Hayes, Fr. Damian Ference and Maria Wancata Season 2 Episode 2
Question of Faith
Is It Barbie's World or Ken's World?
Show Notes

Maria Wancata joins us to talk about The Barbie Movie winning the Golden Globe Award and her and FD did a workshop on the movie at CLE 21:6.

1:35:  We recap the movie a bit.  And the tension between men and women and who should run the world?

2:40:  The unresolved dilemma is that neither work well.

3:25:  Review of the creation story and provide some teaching on complimenting each other as men and women.

4:15:  One teen asked if boys and girls can be friends?

5:45: Women have some different strength senses.  Hearing is one.

6:40:  This is the first time FD has a majority of female co-workers.

7:40:   Mike relates to this as well.

8:05:  The Supreme Court scene in the Barbie movie.

8:50:   A youth minister asks about whether the movie bashes men.  True?

9:50:  Why we engage with culture as Catholics.

10:55:  Maria notes that we have to watch movies with our kids too.

12:10: Mike notes: Men have been consistently portrayed as dopes.

13:35:  The Dukes of Hazzard and the A-Team comes to mind for FD.

14:15:  We gotta talk about it! 

14:40:  Mike and FD talk about the movie "The Jerk"

15:40:  Check out Barbie on Amazon Prime.

16:00:  FD is a big Margo Robbie Fan.

16:40:  St Dominic's Parish and the Office of Black Catholics have a lot going on for MLK Weekend.  Sr Jane Nesmith joins us to recap these events next week. 

18:20:  Readings for the 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time.

21:00:  New Year's Resolutions on Health.

24:00:  Maria will be back on 1/30 to talk about an upcoming retreat for mothers and daughters.

24:25:  Believeland retreat is still up for an early bird discount.