Question of Faith

Why Catholic Schools?

January 23, 2024 Fr. Damian Ference and Mike Hayes Season 2 Episode 4
Question of Faith
Why Catholic Schools?
Show Notes

It's coming up on Catholic Schools Week so this is an entire podcast on Catholic Schools week.

Michael Suso, Director of Marketing for Cleveland Catholic Schools.
Fred Roberts, Director of Development for Catholic Education for the Catholic Community Foundation.

0:45:   Michael is only 6 months into the job.

1:14:  How do we help schools tell their story?

Catholic Schools Week is January 28 - February 3

1:50:  Fred is Director of Devleopment....

2:40:  How long were we all in Catholic Schools ourselves?

4:00: How do these schools intesect with people's needs?  How do they build community? 

4:53:  Where do we market our Catholic Schools?

5:25:   Media buys include....

6:23:  Any Billboards?

6:40:  Airport?

7:13:  We have some great benefactors.

8:24:  Why Catholic Schools?   Michael tells us why.

9:50:   We educate the whole person.

10:20:  Mike's teachers often shared their own faith....

11:05:  Many of our family members have taught in Catholic Schools.

12:00:  This year's theme is Rejoice!  Here are this year's highlights.

14:17:   Fund a dream scholarships.  And All Schools Masses.

15:00: Come see Bishop Malesic and FD on Feb 6 at Holy Name High School for their all school Mass.

15:20:  We support and educate those who are not Catholic?

16:13:  Church Search goes to St. Justin Martyr Parish in Eastlake.

17:40:  Readings for the 4th Sunday of OT.