Question of Faith

What is the Secret to Engaging Young Adults in the Church?

February 06, 2024 Season 2 Episode 6
Question of Faith
What is the Secret to Engaging Young Adults in the Church?
Show Notes

Dr. Megan Lowes-Bolin joins Mike for this episode.

Dr Lowes-Bolin's new book: Ignite! The Secret to Engaing Young Adults in the Church.

Fr. Damian is under the weather!  Pray for him!

(0:45)  Megan teaches at her alma mater, John Carroll University.

(1:12)   So what is the secret?

(1:30)   Megan also worked in a number of parishes.

(1:55)  Who are the people young adults like?  And how do we welcome young adults?

(2:40)   The book is filled with stories of role models and other experiences.

(3:20) Who were Megan's role models?

(3:30)   Parma!  Where all good things come from!

(4:35)   Mom is always a big role model for young people.

(5:10)  Mom's need help sometimes in bringing up their children.

(5:45)  Mike's dad taught him liturgy and was a great role model in teaching him the Mass.

(7:00)   The long term influence of role models.

(7:45)   What motivates young adults?

(10:00)  One experience of someone who was motivated by faith.

(12:15)  How might we encourage young adults to be part of our parish communities?

(14:15)   Megan's parish supports her well, but she interviewed other people who has different experiences.

(15:00)    Mike's job is to help provide resources to the parishes who want to support young adult ministry but don't have those resources.

(16:10)   What are some discouraging factors that drive young adults away?  Megan looked at the love languages for ideas.

(18:45)  During Covid we really had to think about how we generally do ministry.

(19:00)  A short history of Theology on Tap

(20:05) Church Search:  Mary Queen of Apostles

(21:30)   Megan's husband is a great referee, umpire, and golf coach.

(23:05)   Fr Rob Reidy used to be at Sagrada Familia where Mike is doing field ed.

(23:35)  Readings for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary time.